Delivery Truck Accident

New York City is a major metropolitan city with delivery trucks operating round the clock. Due to the number of deliveries being made and the population of the city, it is not uncommon for delivery truck accidents to occur. Because of the size and speed of delivery trucks, accidents often involve serious injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and even wrongful death. Delivery truck accidents can occur for numerous reasons and may result from negligence. Many delivery truck accidents occur when drivers:

  • Speed to make deadlines
  • Run red lights
  • Fail to yield when merging onto a highway
  • Back up into another car or pedestrian
  • Fail to engage the parking brake
  • Drive while tired and overworked

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Delivery trucks and the services that they provide are part of nearly every person’s day to day life. If you receive mail to your home, you have no doubt seen a mail courier’s vehicle. Many of these trucks are the same size or larger than typical motor vehicles. Due to their size alone, the injuries that these vehicles can cause to those struck by them can be truly catastrophic. Some common delivery trucks that are often involved in accidents in and around New York City, but not limited to, include:

  • Mail Courier Trucks
  • Ice Cream Trucks
  • United Parcel Services Trucks (UPS)
  • Federal Express Trucks (FedEx)
  • Tool Vendor Trucks (Snap-On)
  • Flower Delivery Trucks
  • Furniture Mover Trucks
  • Commercial Freight Trucks
  • PODS Trucks

Delivery trucks are the cause of many accidents in the city. They stop with no warning. They double park blocking vision. A driver trying to drive around one may hit an oncoming car.

Delivery truck accidents can be complex. The truck may not have hit anyone but still be the cause of the accident. It often takes an experienced truck accident attorney to prove liability. Our delivery truck accident attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation in order to determine whether the delivery truck driver followed proper protocols and used proper safety measures.

If you or a family member has been involved in a delivery truck accident in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut you are urged to contact a truck accident lawyer immediately. You need the best legal representation possible in order to be fully compensated for the damages that you or your family have incurred. Delivery truck accidents leave victims with catastrophic, life changing injuries — you and your family will need a compensation figure that can last a lifetime.

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